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489135 - Black Dragon Heady Piece
This beautifully crafted Dragon is made locally in Colorado. It features a 14mm hand made joint and comes with a little tail stopper. It is not a dome. The eyes have a golden touch of dicro in them to make it really pop. Included with this piece is a 4mm thick quartz banger. This is a one of a kind piece! Dont miss out!

Price: $450.00
Bargain Hot Deal Fast Shipping Great Idea


Heady UV Turtle Fish W/ Coral Hand Pipe
371684 - Heady UV Turtle Fish W/ Coral Hand Pipe
Handmade Heady UV Turle Fish W/ Coral Hand Pipe. Covered in Illuminati and Lucy colored glass. Made by Wet Mountain Glass.

Price: $160.00

Stand up Heady Raiders Bub
371689 - Stand up Heady Raiders Bub
Classic style stand up bubbler. Black and white half wigwags with 2 Dichro Mibs featuring the Oakland Raiders logo. Made by Wet Mountain Glass.

Price: $475.00

Heady UV Raygun #2
371881 - Heady UV Raygun #2
UV Raygun #2 from Wet Mountain Glass. Beautiful UV sections of Illuminati, Blue-v, and Lucy. This has a large chunk of Opal encased right in the center of the piece. Natural Perc and includes a 14mm Bowl.

Price: $665.00

Heady UV Raygun
371880 - Heady UV Raygun
This beautiful Handmade Ray gun features tons of UV sections such as Illuminati, Blue-V, and Lucy. There is also a gorgeous Crushed Opal Coin placed right in the middle. Made by Wet Mountain Glass with a natural perc and includes a 14mm UV reactive bowl.

Price: $665.00

Dragon Junkie
88088088 - Dragon Junkie
High End Glass Pipe Art

Price: $6,666.00

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